10 International Women’s Day Email Inspirations

If there’s any day of observance whose gravity continues to compound more and more with every passing year, it is International Women’s Day. Amidst reaching dizzying heights of success in almost every field conceivable, as a race, we’ve left a terrible lot to be desired when it comes to advocating and practicing gender equality and inclusion. It’s 2023. Suffice it to say that your brand isn’t championing the cause of gender parity via its value system, you’re falling awfully behind the global discourse, one that matters, anyway.

Observed on 8th March annually, International Women’s Day aims to reinforce the dialogue we ought to have around the women’s rights movement. In the process, it gives businesses the opportunity to partake in this extremely important conversation and use their platform to make an impact for the better. Women’s day campaigns, thus, not only allow you to express your solidarity with the subject but also give you a chance to attract new, like-minded customers onboard your bandwagon. Wondering what goes into crafting an engaging Women’s Day email campaign? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we share a slate of stunning Women’s Day Email Inspirations to get your creative juices flowing. Ready to scan through a rich array of responsive email marketing templates? Dive right in!


The first thing about GLAMGLOW’s email that will catch your eye is its highly compelling headline- simple yet just the right fit for the occasion in question, isn’t it? This email is also an ideal case study for understanding how a business can tie up its offerings with the event at hand; self-care for empowered women; that’s as convincing a pitch as any, you’d agree? Every product in the email is accompanied by a crisp description, telling the reader just what they’d want to know to add it to their carts. Additionally, making the pricing of the products transparent in the email itself is a pretty good move, in my opinion; it accelerates the customer’s decision-making process. 

GLAMGLOW’s brand personality can be strongly felt in the email design, courtesy of the color palette, the distinct tone of the copy, and, of course, the visuals of the products being peppered throughout. This is something that every business should prioritize while designing customized email templates. The email footer elaborates on the terms and conditions of the offer with the intention of offering readers all the clarity they need. 

2. Buff

In the current climate, businesses are no longer regarded as commercial entities; besides peddling their services, they’re also expected to weigh in on critical discourses prevalent in the environment in which they operate. One look at Buff’s email over here will tell you that they are completely aware of this. Their intentions are clear- to advocate emphatically for women’s rights and encourage their subscribers to do the same. The collage, comprising several of Buff’s subscribers in solidarity with the warcry inscribed at the center, is arguably the lifeline of this email. 

Choosing to prioritize clarity in its messaging, Buff has included only 2 CTAs in the email- one inviting readers to join their movement, and the other encouraging them to check out their women’s collection. The “View in browser” link at the top and the “Help Center” link at the bottom can be clearly spotted in the email.

3. avenue

Including user-generated content in your campaigns, as avenue have done over here, is not only an excellent means to strengthen relationships with your existing subscriber base but also a very potent way to reach new ones. When you get featured by the brands you adore, it gives you an incentive to spread the word about it with your near and dear ones, doesn’t it? 

Now, let’s come to the design aspects of the email. The header contains links to the various categories of products that the brand has to offer. An important detail- the shipping rate- has been animated so that readers don’t lose sight of it. The layout is clutter-free, thanks to the deft use of white space. Lastly, the email contains an embedded video wish which, as we all know, is a great way to drive engagement.

4. Fiorucci

Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of emails that have gorgeous hero images, much like this one from Fiorucci. Why I am so fond of them is because they give me a very solid reason to stay engaged with the email, right from the moment I open it. I’m sure many of you share this sentiment with me. As we scroll down to the body, we learn about Fiorucci’s initiative to mark the occasion, conveyed rather crisply and with full clarity. At the bottom of the email, all the important links are neatly placed next to one another for the reader’s convenience. The unsubscribe link, as well as the social media icons, are clearly highlighted too. 


Crafting your emails in a single-column layout helps make your email mobile responsive and accessible, allowing you to avoid issues, such as overlapping images, shifting columns, and overflowing text, which are common to multi-column layouts. However, in this approach, designers occasionally struggle to distinctly demarcate the different sections of the email. If you are in similar waters, let this email from FOR DAYS guide you. They have used one of the most simple, yet effective tricks in the book to combat this issue- using different colored backgrounds for different sections. Notice how the color of the CTA buttons changes correspondingly, too, ensuring their visibility never gets compromised. 

I quite like the manner in which the brand’s USPs have been highlighted in the email footer, with the help of icons. Using visual cues increases the probability of readers retaining the message you’ve communicated to them.

6. Tula

One of the best ways to express your solidarity with a certain movement is by casting a spotlight on the measures you yourself are taking to affect the change you are striving to bring about. This is precisely the approach Tula have taken over this email. Testimonies of team members, along with their photographs (always important for establishing a personal connect), form the main content of this email. 

While the color scheme cements the brand identity, use of white space prevents the email from being visually demanding despite it being a little heavy on content. Clear, high-resolution images of the products are used, and they are accompanied by not only their prices but user ratings as well, an excellent touch to creating transparency. The footer shares with readers the email address using which they can get in touch with the brand, along with the unsubscribe and view in browser links.

7. Bonia

Adding a GIF to your hero section, the way Bonia have done here, gives you a good shot at keeping readers’ eyes peeled on your email. This email stands out for its ideal image-to-text ratio as well; while being engaging for users, it is not so over-the-top as to irk the spam filters of ESPs. The motto Bonia’s endorsing for the occasion is added right at the top, ensuring readers understand the brand’s intentions the minute they open the email. In the footer, along with the usual social media buttons and the unsubscribe link, a locate the store link has also been provided for the subscriber’s convenience.

8. Converse

If you’re launching a special line of products for Women’s Day, this email from Converse contains everything you need to know regarding how you can put the spotlight on it. At every juncture of this email, heavy visual emphasis has been laid on the product, making it rather challenging for you to look past it. Different color schemes have been used to demarcate different sections, making navigation simple for the readers. The CTA buttons have been made to contrast sufficiently with the background all throughout the email in a bid to maximize their visibility.


This email from REVOLVE serves as a masterclass on exhibiting your offerings. Every category of product in the email is accompanied by a chic description and, more importantly, with multiple visual entries (all equally stunning, I must say) to give readers a complete understanding of what said category entails. I mean, why talk about what you have in store when you can just show it and floor your audience instead? 

Being heavy on visuals, the email is extremely engaging and uses texts minimally and very cleverly to get the main bits of information across. To make the email customer-centric, two links have been added to the footer- an update preference link that allows subscribers to specify their frequency of receiving emails, and another which invites them to chip in with suggestions regarding the email content.

10. Boohoo

Boohoo makes its pitch in the hero section itself and goes on to consolidate it in the subsequent images of its bewitching collection. The layout is extremely stylish, almost emulating that of a fashion magazine, which is, of course, very on-brand for Boohoo. Every product category has 2 CTAs, one announcing its starting price, and another encouraging the reader to add it to their carts. The view in browser and unsubscribe links have been added at the very top, making certain readers are able to spot them without facing any difficulties.

Wrapping It Up

We hope the inspirations shared above have left you bubbling with a plethora of ideas. All that remains now is to put these ideas into action and give rise to show-stopping Women’s Day email campaigns that celebrate women just the way they deserve to be.

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