How to Gain Visibility on Your Instagram Videos

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Instagram has become one of the best platforms for brands to get noticed. With over one billion monthly users, it’s not hard to see why. 

The platform was built as a way to share photos with friends, but over the years, marketers have learned to harness the power of the hashtag to increase brand awareness. After all, Instagram is perfect for it.

If you’re looking to create Instagram videos to grow your business, keep reading. We’ve got the inside scoop on how to use Instagram’s video features to make your page pop.

Videos Get Your Brand Noticed

Remember when I said that Instagram is perfect for building brand awareness? Well, allow me to explain. Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users, making it one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world. Combine the sheer number of users along with the fast-paced high visual layout of Instagram and you’ve got yourself a marketing success story.

Instagram videos are especially useful in building brand awareness. In fact, videos actually generate more than 20% more engagement on your posts. This knowledge has led to more businesses taking to Instagram stories and IGTV, as well as using video ads.

With consumers spending more and more time on the explore page, video is the perfect tool to help boost your brand into the spotlight!

Consumers Love Video

With over 200 million Instagrammers visiting at least one business every day, now is the perfect time to give consumers what they want. And what they want is video marketing.

Studies have shown that video content not only creates more engagement on your posts, but it also makes you more likely to get new consumers coming to your page. More than 70% of people using IGTV have watched a video from a business, and more than 45% have said they even enjoy video ads from businesses.

When you look at these statistics, you can’t deny that video is a key driver in generating post engagement and brand visibility.

Using Videos in Your Feed

Whenever you upload content to your feed, you need to consider several things in order to achieve your goal engagement rate. Consider what we learned early about video generating more engagement on Instagram. This doesn’t mean that you should only post videos, and completely forego photos. Instead, try combining the types of media when you post to your live feed. 

Adding video content to your posts as well as photos has been proven to get more followers interacting with you on your posts. 

Instagram Stories

When Instagram added the stories feature in 2016 as a way to compete with Snapchat, they created a whole new way for brands to interact with followers. With stories, you can upload photos and videos under 30 seconds long to a replayable loop your followers can easily find.

Did you know that of all stories viewed, businesses on Instagram make up 70%? This is because stories allow businesses to humanize themselves to their followers. Story content doesn’t need to be as carefully curated as feed content or IGTV posts and allows you to present your brand in a raw form to connect with consumers.


IGTV is Instagram’s latest introduction, having been rolled out in 2019. IGTV has changed the game for brands using video content to improve their marketing. Where before brands could upload up to 60 seconds of video content, they can now upload up to one hour of content on their IGTV channel.

IGTV has become just another amazing way Instagram allows businesses to connect with their consumers, and give them more of what they want. Whether it’s watching their favorite chef prepare a new dish, or learning how that beauty influencer gets her eyeliner so perfect, more and more Instagram users are taking advantage of what IGTV has to offer.

Using An Instagram Viewer

An Instagram viewer allows you to view an IG account without logging in, which can help with strategizing your next IG video marketing campaign. With an Instagram viewer, you can search the IG accounts of other brands by tags, profiles, and locations, allowing you to view all relevant information.  

In addition, an Instagram viewer can show Instagram-related statistics, such as followers, hashtags, locations, stories, and more. You’ll see a list of trending IG users and tags that you can utilize for creating your video content. Furthermore, this tool allows you to generate similar trending Instagram video and image content because you can view, edit, download, and share them with others.  All of the features and benefits of an Instagram viewer can help gain higher visibility of your target audience on your Instagram videos. If many people can watch your videos, they will become more aware of your brand. Moreso, if you provide inspiring, entertaining, and informative videos to make your brand stand out from your competitors.

Live Streaming

Instagram Live is just one of the many amazing ways you can use video content to boost your brand. The live stream feature works similarly to stories, in the sense that they tend to be rawer, uncut content as compared to the carefully curated photos on your feed.

Live streams can be used for marketing in a myriad of ways. Use them to announce the launch of a new product or limited time offer, to give a peek behind-the-scenes at your brand, or share tutorials on how to use your product. By connecting with your followers in real time, you are guaranteed to build trust in your brand and strengthen consumer loyalty.


Gain higher visibility on your Instagram videos by applying the tips above. Remember that creating high-quality videos and implementing the correct marketing techniques can help you generate more viewers, followers, and prospects for your brand. Therefore, careful planning and execution are crucial when promoting your Instagram videos.

There are so many amazing ways you can use videos on Instagram to give your brand the boost it needs. From IGTV to in-feed content, videos are sure to get your followers engaging with you and help you climb to the top of the Discover page! 

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